Beaufort G.A.A. Club and Killorglin Cycling Club, Co Kerry have joined forces to bring you:

‘The Ring of the Reeks’ and ‘The Caragh Lake Loop’ leisure spins which will be held on:

Saturday, 27th July 2019

The event will offer the choice of four routes:  Checkout for full details

Route 1: The Ring of the Reeks

The Ring of the Reeks is a 100KM loop of Ireland’s highest mountains-The McGillycuddy Reeks. The cycle features two significant climbs-Moll’s Gap and Ballaghbeama Gap which are sure to test the strength and stamina of the riders.

The route is suitable for intermediate to experienced cyclists. The cycle will begin at 9.30am from Beaufort G.A.A. Club, Co Kerry.

There will be a refreshment stop at Blackwater Tavern, Blackwater and Climber’s Inn, Glencar. There will be hot food after in Beaufort Community Centre

Registration and sign in will begin at 8am in Beaufort G.A.A. Club Rooms


Ring of the Reeks, 100 km cycle: €30
Cycling Ireland members: €25

Route 2: The Caragh Lake Loop

The Caragh Lake Loop is a 60KM cycle traversing the most scenic landscape in the area. Starting at Beaufort G.A.A. Club grounds, it follows towards the Gap of Dunloe and turn right towards Glencar.

The particpant will take the Glencar road as far as Gortmaloon Cross where the participants of the Caragh Lake Loop cycle will join the route of the Ring of the Reeks and continue towards scenic Caragh Lake and ultimately returning to Beaufort.

There will be hot food after cycle in Beaufort Community Centre.

You may register online or on morning of the cycle from 9.30am to 10.45am at Beaufort G.A.A. Club

Everybody must sign in on the morning of the Cycle


Caragh Lake Loop: €25
Cycling Ireland members: €20

Route 3: Ring of Beaufort

The Ring of Beaufort cycle is a shorter 35KM cycle. It will start at Beaufort G.A.A. Club grounds at 11 am.

It will follow the route of Caragh Lake loop to Glencuttane Cross where they cyclists will turn right towards Killorglin, join the other routes near Killorglin and head to Beaufort


Ring of Beaufort : €15

Route 4: 5 km Green Road Loop

This is a 5km cycle for beginner cyclists, children and families and will follow a short, supervised, cycle route around Beaufort. All juveniles must be accompanied by an adult.

Cycle Details:
Start at 11.30am from Beaufort G.A.A. grounds Start at Beaufort G.A.A. Club grounds at 11.30am. Turn left on exiting the G.A.A. grounds. Continue to the Grotto and turn left again. At Jack McCarthy’s Cross turn left and continue to Brendan Sweeney’s Cross. Turn left and proceed to Beaufort Bar Turn left and return to Beaufort G.A.A. grounds.


Per Cyclist: €5 Per Family: €20


Contact Us Via Email: or by phone with Tim @ 086 3528955