Rás Luimní Caherconlish

Today our clubmen made the trip to Caherconlish in Co. Limerick for the first round of the Cycling Ireland National Road Race Series. In the A4 Category we had Mike O’Shea and Alan Jones an avid runner who has really come on in leaps and bounds in his first year of competitive racing, the lads had a good day out on their two… laps of a fast and challenging 30km circuit with Mike riding very well. At one point he and a fellow break way had quite a considerable gap on the the main group until his compatriot ran out of juice facing a decision whether to sustain his effort or return to the chasing main field he chose the latter as he decided to conserve his energy for the uphill finish, he was unfortunate to crash on the last corner coming into the finish. Apart from a few grazes and a bit of bruising he came off relatively unscathed such to the effect that it seems to have added further fuel to his appetite for racing judging by the racing discussion on the return journey home!!

Photo: Brendan Slattery


A3 Race

The A3 race attracted a large field of 130 riders on the day the club was represented by Peter Clendennen and Brendan O’Sullivan todays racing was different from the previous races at the start of the season where they were one race run on a handicap basis, where as today the riders really got to test the water by racing in their own respective category’s. The A3’s had 3 laps of the the 30km circuit in which racing commencing from the drop of the starting flag. A number of jabs and attempts to break free of the main peleton were made by a number of riders on the first lap but it was not until the second lap that that the decisive move was made when a group of 20 formed and broke free of the main peleton on the lively back section of the course which was marred by strong crosswind. Peter Clendennen who was riding very well was a member of this 20 man group. Behind a number of riders did try to bridge the gap but were unsuccessful with a team mate up the rode Brendan rode defensively in the main group. The time gap to  lead group of 20 opened up to 1 minute 30 seconds at one point and again a number of solo attacks to break free ensued but were unsuccessful in their efforts.

In the fast downhill run into the last corner before the climb Peter was placed very well in the 20 man group and finished just outside the placings, a rider who has really come into form over the past number of weeks. The anxious main field rode aggressively in the final 3km to the finish Brendan was placed well coming into the final corner about avoiding a crash in what was a very frantic finish with riders tussling for position they encountered another crash 100m from the finish where two riders came down in the final dash for the line Brendan finished well in the first 20 riders of the main group on what was a leg sapping climb to the finish.Also on the day the club was represented by Micheal O’Shea in the A2 category, Micheal rode well for the duration of his race currently our sole A2 rider in the club he is an all or nothing type of rider who gives it his all out on the road.


Our leisure riders were spotted out in force today in Castleisland amongst them driving the pace were some of our new racing debutants Gabriel Gallagher and John O’Donoghue!!!. This group go out every Sunday and anyone wishing to come along please send us a message on this.  Hopefully more good fortunes to report in the near future. B.O.S.