Sunday Club Coffee Spin 10/7/2016

Maybe because its holiday season (couldn’t possibly be the poor weather conditions) but we had a smaller than usual group of 5 riders for the weekly coffee spin.

Rolling out at 7:45 we made our way at a steady pace towards the Gap of Dunloe only to be greeted by a 25km block head wind accompanied by a heavy drizzle. We battled on regardless and after descending from the Gap summit we left the rain behind us which stayed away only returning for the last 15 km from home.

No such luck with the wind. Making our way through the Black Valley the group decided to deviate from the planned route, opting to go towards Lough Brin instead of the assent to Molls. The return to Killorglin over Ballaghbeama was eased by the nice tail wind and of course the well-deserved coffee stop at The Glencar Resort Hotel where we were received a fine welcome and hearty refreshment. Refuelled the final leg to Killorglin it was full gas for all riders eager to get in from the elements.


The next Sunday spin will be in two weeks route to be decided because next week is the eagerly awaited Killorglin GP race event.