On Saturday last our riders travelled to the Crotty Cup in Kilmihil promoted by West Clare CC. We had five riders making the journey up from Killorglin in the club bus amongst our regulars of Mike O’Shea, Micheal O’Shea, Edward Casey and Brendan O’Sullivan former club man Ciaran Murphy now riding with Kilmallock this year also accompanied us on the journey. We were also joined by A4 powerony O’Connor on the journey across on the ferry. The Race was run on a handicap basis with the A4s fighting it out for the Cotter Cup in a separate race the A3 bunch had a 3 minute advantage on the A1 and A2 riders who had to work hard over the 6 laps of the 13.5km course in which the riders faced into a very strong headwind from the start line it was an excellent route taking in a bit of everything drags, rolling roads, a fast chicane into a bridge and open fast back section of the course on beautiful bitumen where the riders reached speeds in excess of 60k/ph.

On the day we had Edward Casey and Brendan O’Sullivan taking part in the A3 race and we had Micheal O’Shea who started with the A1 and A2 riders. Edward rode very aggressively on the day making numerous efforts to break free from the bunch on the opening two laps. Numerous attacks were made and a number of small groups got an advantage attacking into the headwind though the forces of the driving peleton behind foiled any of the groups from forming a threatening lead on the peleton. As the race progressed the bunch was joined by some of the A1 and A2 riders. Micheal had worked extremely hard within this group but was unfortunate not to bridge the gap across to the splinter group who caught and rode through the A3 race our courageous rider dug in and worked hard within his group to make contact with the A3s just before the start of the fifth lap. With all three Killorglin men riding comfortably within the bunch. Micheal made an attack on the climb before the start of the fifth lap to test his legs but had no success in breaking free the prevailing headwind similar to hitting a wall once out of the slipstream of the rider in front hampering his attempt. On the last lap the peleton was well aware that a bunch gallop was imminent they did their best to conserve as much energy as possible through the bunch did elasticate in a high speed line out as it had done on previous laps. Into the prevailing headwind our men did well to much to gain advantageous positioning within the bunch before the start of the sprint and fought well in a hotly contested sprint to finish to the fore of the main field considering the extremely windy conditions their 38kph average over the course was no easy feat.

A4 Cotter Cup

The Cotter Cup attracted at large field in excess of 60 riders we had Anthony O’Connor and Mike O’Shea taking part in this event. The lads had four laps of the course to complete and their racing was as aggressive as ever with Mike having 7 points accumulated on his licence he was anxious to get a good result on the day. The race set off at a blistering pace with our main man Anthony in the thick of the action riding with grit and determination this talented rider was a driving force in the first two laps of the race. With attacks being make into the head wind our men rode wisely ensuring they were well sheltered from the headwind and well placed on the line outs as the pace ramped up dramatically on the tailwind sections on each lap but our men were well in the thick of the action ensuring no wheel got away from their grasp. Coming into the climb Mike was well positioned on each round and in an enthralling sprint finish as seen in the camera footage afterwards Mike put in a fantastic battle in the sprint finish which was a tightly contested affair to finish third to ensure him enough points to elevate him into the A3 category. A great performance by this determined rider well done! Next week our riders will be travelling to Coachford for the Coachford Classic.

Jimmy McElroy Photography: Crotty Cup 16/03/2015 &emdash; Crotty_Cup-A4-20

Jimmy McElroy Photography: Crotty Cup 16/03/2015 &emdash; Crotty_Cup-A4-13

Jimmy McElroy Photography: Crotty Cup 16/03/2015 &emdash; Crotty_Cup-A4-3

Jimmy McElroy Photography: Crotty Cup 16/03/2015 &emdash; Crotty_Cup-29